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Mother's Day Sale! Free Shipping + 35% Off on all orders when you spend $20 or more! [ Click Here To Browse Catalog]

Organic Hair Oil - For Dry and Itchy Scalp (2oz. - 16oz.)


Essential Oils:

Peppermint Oil

Chamomille Flower Extract

Tea Tree Oil

Lavender Oil

Geranium Flower Extract



Jojoba Oil

Argan Oil

Vitamin E

Organic Oats

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Would buy again !

Love this! Thick consistency but does not weigh down hair. Used on scalp and length,no build up. My hair is about 26 inches long and this nicely coats without weighing down. The smell is just like the notes described. May not be for everyone but a nice product. When applying the smell may be intimidating at first but after application I don’t smell overpowered at all by it.

Nice oil!

Love this oil! So far, it's working great! Its easy to put on my scalp too which is awesome. I have braids in so having that easy top is cool. However, it does leak if left open! So close it everytime! My scalp is not oily or greasy. Just feels moisturizing.

Great for dry hair

I had been searching a LONG time for a moisturizing oil to use after I wash my hair. My hair is extremely dense, 3b-4a. It gets dry easily as I’m pregnant now and my hair is just way drier than it’s ever been before. I normally do braid outs. I use this oil on my scalp after I finish my braids and every other day as needed while my braids are in. It keeps my hair moisturized and shiny and healthy. It also smells really good. I’m happy with it and I’m going to continue purchasing this oil.

Wonderful Scent!

Lightening the hair can have drying effects, which results in an increased emphasis on hair products that do not contribute to these drying effects (such as sulfates, parabens, drying alcohols). This conditioner not only provides ample moisture, but it also has such a wonderful, aromatic scent that stays on the hair post-rinse. I would definitely recommend this conditioner for those with dry, damaged, over-processed hair.

Hard to get past the scent

If you can handle the scent, it works at keeping most of my frizzies away. It is very overpowering to me. I first tried it on my scalp, and it was just too greasy at the roots with dryness in the ends. I have a lot of hair, but I just use a tiny bit in the palm of my hand (maybe a little more than a pea-size amount) and work it through starting with my ends and blending, blending, scrunching. It works best for me if I wash my hair later in the day, and when it's still a little damp, put on the product and wrap it in a loose bun all night.